The Desirable ‘Eco-Home’

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Homes and sustainable living technology. Now more than ever, these two things are coming together. We have seen an increase in solar panels, on-site wind turbines, energy recovery systems (including geothermal piles) and even the solar-charged-home-power-supplying batteries on the market. The advances in property development this way have enticed me back to this blog to divulge these discoveries.

I have found a very desirable property, right here in my home country of Scotland. This beautiful home featured on the Homebuilding and Renovating site ( – photographs by Andrew Lee). The owners have picked a location with alluring views and installed many sustainable technologies. The house is located in the Cairn Valley, Dumfries and Galloway.


The sustainable elements of this build are plentiful. The first step was to ensure the house was well insulated, this being to avoid the need for abundant energy use in the first place. With that taken care of, all additional energy efficient resources aided in keeping this home off-grid. There has been the installation of a ground source heat pump build into the land, as well as solar panels on the garage roof and a wind turbine, which can be seen to the left in the image below.


The self-sufficiency of this home is probably my favourite element, but the interior is a close second. The stone walls are a beautiful feature that are evident both inside and out (these have been built using stones found in nearby fields). The fire – a biomass stove – evenly distributes heat through the wall behind it. And looks very nice while doing so! The benches that curve around the stove are perfect additional seating areas.

Living Room

The spacious balcony with its uninterrupted views are to be desired, but I’m sure the Scottish weather doesn’t allow it to be used to its full advantage all year round.


The rugs that features throughout the home are beautiful. And look at this dining table below!

Dining Table

There are so many details of this house I love and take inspiration from. The hardwood floors, floor to ceiling (triple glazed) windows, unique light fittings.



Now, if I could find out where they do their interiors shopping…


Castle Lachlan

September 19, 2012 § 15 Comments

So, it appears I’ve neglected the site for a few months, sorry about that!

Anyhow, a few months ago some of my family, friends and I all went away to celebrate my 21st birthday. We stayed at this amazing castle on the west coast of Scotland. Known as Castle Lachlan, it slept 15 comfortably but we managed to squeeze in a couple extra! It had 7 bedrooms, a kitchen with a giant pantry, a huge dining room with a billiard room off the side, a fancy ‘drawing room’ and 4 nice bathrooms.

This is the castle from the outside. I loved the twisting stairs leading up to the front door. It looked especially nice at night time when the windows were all lit up. (Click images to enlarge).


This is the fancy fancy drawing room, complete with grand piano!

Drawing Room

The kitchen was one of my favourite rooms. It had great space for everyone to socialise in and was always cosy from the Aga. The pantry was great for storing the crazy amounts of food we brought with us! I loved the country house decor that was featured throughout the castle, but especially in the kitchen.




The dining room was a very fancy room! I loved the huge table and the candelabra. We held our own murder mystery party in here which was amazing fun, being in a castle made the atmosphere even better.

Dining Room

The billiards room was fun. Lots of  drinking and games went on in here. It opened into the dining room so we spent a lot of time in between the two.

Billiards Room

I loved all the bedrooms in the castle. They were all decorated traditionally, with each room having a different colour scheme. This first bedroom was my favourite. It had its own en suite AND its own nursery off to the side.

Bedroom 1

En Suite

This is the bedroom me and a couple of my friends stayed in. I loved the metal beds. There was also loads of room in front of the beds which we used for additional sleeping space which was handy. This room was on the very top floor so had amazing views of the surrounding ground.

Bedroom 2

The main bathroom in the house was cute, I loved the wallpaper.


The grounds of the castle were great for exploring. There were forests surrounding it, with a small loch only a field away. There were loads of outdoor activities to try out near by and the ‘Old Castle Lachlan’ ruins to explore.


Reclusive Andalucia Retreat

March 22, 2012 § 6 Comments

This quaint Spanish farmhouse is located in the sparse lands of Andalucia. It’s a four bedroom, 3 bathroom get-away with idyllic views. The remote property has a rustic feel, with many modern features throughout. There’s an amazing pool with an outdoor dining area perfect for entertaining. (Click images to enlarge).


The living room is a cosy space. I love the white painted roof beams and the wooden shutters on the windows. The red terracotta floor tiles feature throughout the home giving it that Spanish feel.

Living Room

This house has a number of dining areas. This one below is the main dining room inside. I love the old fashioned shelves with the crockery and pasta jars on display. The fireplace and antique furniture are great rustic features.

Dining Room

This is the first garden dining area. Its a lovely bright area and I love the tree.

Outdoor Dining

This is the dining/BBQ area, situated beside the pool. I love this space. It’s got a very beachy feel, with the thatched roof and white furniture. I love the open bbq built into the wall and the marble topped table.

Dining/BBQ Area

This is the kitchen. Again it has stylish white painted roof beams and a terracotta tiled floor. I love the Aga cooker and the rustic kitchen cabinets.


All the rooms in this house have low ceilings, which you can see clearly in these bedrooms. It makes the rooms very cosy and warm. I love variety of windows this house has, with some rooms having tiny ones and others featuring french doors opening out to the terraces. All the rooms are bright and airy, perfect for the heat.





I love the bath in this bathroom. The archway gives it a very private feel. I love the marble effect featured on both the worktop and wall tiles. The bathroom cabinets are also the same as the kitchen ones, continuing the Spanish feel throughout the house.


This is the pool area. It looks amazingly tranquil and the views are never ending. The sandy outdoor seating area is also a great place to take in all the mountainous sights.


Views from the pool

Outdoor Seating

Beautiful St Barts Bungalow

January 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

This Caribbean home has a very relaxed beachy look about it that I love. Its a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom property available for holiday stays. Located in St Barts, its situated right next to the ocean with amazing views from all sides. The majority of the rooms in the house have adjustable exterior walls that can be opened to the garden. This gives the house a very airy appeal. The garden itself is amazing, with the large pool and sun loungers. (Click images to enlarge).


This is the main living room of the house. I love the colour scheme in this room with the dark wooden roof beams and dark brown walls that both contrast with the white furniture. I love the Caribbean style chairs and the large art work on the wall. I love how this room opens up to the garden and brings in lots of natural light.

Living Room

Living Room

The kitchen/dining room is quite simple. Its a long room with a dark colour scheme. The room manages to stay bright as it also has doors that open out to the garden, with spectacular views looking out to sea. I love the huge table that seats 10 and the unusual built in book shelves at the end of it.


Kitchen / Dining

Dining Table View

The living room area in this home is very open plan, sharing space with the kitchen/dining room. I really like the airy, modern feel to it. The wooden roof beams and the art work are great features. I love the mixed furniture and the unusual coffee tables.

Open Plan Living

Living Room

The bedrooms in the house all have beach style wooden doors leading out to the garden. I love the four poster beds and the openness of each room.



The bathrooms are all modern rooms with an earthy theme to them.  I especially like the outdoor freestanding bath. I love the double sinks, but not sure how comfortable I’d be with how open the rooms seem to be.


Outdoor Bath

Here are some images of the garden and surroundings. I love the pool and all the palm trees, as well as all the amazing views. I would love to go on a holiday somewhere like this one day, but with a ‘price upon request’ system in place, I doubt it’s affordable!

Garden Overview

Garden View

Garden View


Sleek Spanish Chalet

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This is an impressive modern property located outside Madrid, Spain in the luxury residential development La Moraleja. It’s a 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom home, on the market for around 7.8 million euro. Not exactly cheap! La Moraleja is well known for its wealthy inhabitants, so if you fancy living next to some rich Spaniards, this might be the place. The house has a few luxurious aspects to it, such as the cinema room and the ridiculously big walk-in wardrobe. I really love the floor to ceiling windows and doors featured throughout that bring lots of natural light into the house. The garden is also very impressive and nicely designed. (Click images to enlarge).


This living room area in the house is very cosy. For such large and modern properties the living room can often appear quite cold. I love the large rug and the lighting used to bring warmth. The large patio doors and windows bring in plenty of natural light and I love the easy access to the garden.

Living Room

In case you can’t manage the stairs to the top floor, they’ve installed a lift. Great.


Here’s the cinema room I mentioned before. Looks pretty comfy and a great place to relax.

Cinema Room

This immaculate kitchen is an impressive room. I love the island in the middle of it and the size of the space. It’s an extremely white room which might be a bit difficult to keep clean. I’d probably have a few bold coloured bits of kitchen equipment to brighten it up a bit!


I love the dining room in this house. Its a very bright space with doors leading out to the garden, helping make the room appear even bigger. I love the plants and the large picture on the wall.

Dining Room

The master bedroom is a massive space. It’s got its own wee living area looking out onto the balcony, with a great view of the garden and surroundings. I love the gigantic rug which stops the room looking too empty.


The master bedroom has one of the biggest walk-in wardrobes I’ve ever seen. I would love to have somewhere like that store all my belongings, but really doubt I’d manage to fill all the space!

Walk-in Wardrobe

The garden this property has is very well kept and a modern design. There are lots of straight edges and the high bushes and trees keep it very private. I love the pool and the decking area.



Luxury Italian Farmhouse

January 10, 2012 § 3 Comments

This beautiful farmhouse is located on the border of Tuscany and Umbria, and sits within the 3.16 acre Castello di Reschio estate. It’s a 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom home with a pool and beautiful gardens. I love the exterior and classic Italian design of the property. There are some very charming features throughout the interior of the house like exposed stone walls and wooden roof beams. (Click images to enlarge).


The main living room of this property is a cosy room. The close furniture and the wood fire give it a warm appeal. I love the french style doors and the large floor length curtains. The range of different lighting also helps to bring warmth to the space.

Living Room

The second living area in this home is smaller and acts as a hallway . Its an unusual space but a great way to brighten up a hallway that might be abandoned otherwise.

Living Area

This cute little kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in the house. I love the archway leading from the dining area, and the low hanging lighting. The wooden beam across the back wall acting as a shelf is a great feature, and adds some rustic charm.


As there are seven bedrooms in the massive home, I’ll only show you a couple. The rooms are bright and airy, with lots of windows and french doors. This first bedroom has amazing roof beams. I love the iron four poster bed and the fireplace at the end of it.


This bedroom is very bright. I love the french doors at the end of the bed, giving you a great view of the gardens.

Second Bedroom

I really love this bathroom. The usual flooring and the stone walls are unique features. I love the free standing bath and the walk-in shower with its huge waterfall shower.


The gardens around this house are idyllic. The lovely little dining area outside is perfect for enjoying lunches and evening meals outdoors. I love all the greenery and the creeper framing. I can just imagine the views this property has are amazing.


Kirk House Church

December 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

This dynamic church conversion is situated in Ross-Shire, by the River Blackwater. The house is surrounded by beautiful scenery and trees that keep it discreet. It’s a three bedroom, one bathroom “weekend home” for the couple that owns it. There aren’t many original features still left but the way it has been renovated has transformed it in to a comfortable warm home. (Click images to enlarge).


The layout of this home is open plan and spacious. The living room is situated on the first floor along with the master bedroom and bathroom. The living room is a bright space. I love the large rug and sloped ceiling and windows.

Living Room

I love the staircase in this property. Its a clean cut design and runs from the kitchen up to the living room area.


This is the kitchen/dining area. I love this room. My favourite feature is the wood burner and surround. I love its design and it really warms the room up. I also love the island and the flooring.

Kitchen/Dining Area

This is the ‘library hallway’. I love this use of space and the wooden floors. The chandelier lighting you can see in this photo is featured throughout the property. Its a nice touch that compliments the original features of  the church.

Library Hallway

The master bedroom is a simple and well lit room. I love the sloping ceilings and the small church style windows in the gable end wall.

Master Bedroom

I love the colour scheme in the bathroom. Its not a huge space, and there doesn’t seem to be a shower but it’s still a nice room. I love the wooden finishing features, especially the bath mat.