Dubai Super Home

September 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today I’m showing you this unbelievable house located in Dubai. It’s a 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom ‘villa’ on the shoreline. Dubai is known for its rich inhabitants, with the majority of residents not native to the city. This property highlights the money that’s present within the city and shows the way some workers like to spend it. Apparently there are no street address’ in Dubai, so I’m not exactly sure how you’d find this place. Although, the with the size of it, it would be hard to miss. (Click on images to enlarge).

As you can see from the overview of the property, it’s pretty big.


The hallway of this home is very grand. I really like the height that’s available and would love to be able to do something like this myself.


All the rooms in this property are large and spacious. Here’s the main living room. It’s got great big windows covering one wall with amazing views of the sea. I love the layout, the colour schemes and the clean look about it.

Living Room

I couldn’t find any proper photos of the kitchen, but you can see a tiny bit of it in this photo of the dining room. I can imagine its beautifully designed though, judging by the tap. The dining room itself is bright and again has great views of the ocean. The layout of this house is mainly open plan, so the kitchen, dining room and living room are all linked together.

Kitchen / Dining Room

I absolutely love this bedroom shown below. I would love to have a bedroom like this, with the patio doors covering the wall leading out to the balcony. Here’s it shown through the day and at night.



Here’s another of the bedrooms. I really like the warmth of this room.


Of the 7 bathrooms in this house, 6 of them are en suites. From the photos I found, they all seem to be designed with marble and tiles, and all look very grand. Here’s just a couple of them.



As well as all the amazing bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas, this house has a couple of nice additions. Here’s the cinema room. It’s never been a desire of mine for my house to have a cinema in it, but I suppose I wouldn’t say no.

Cinema Room

The house also has a games room. It’s not exactly my favourite room, but I think it’s just the white pool table putting me off.

Games Room

Now that I’ve covered the main areas of the inside of the property, here are a few photos of the outside. I absolutely love the garden, it being one of the main things that attracts me to this property.

Garden Overview

Sunset View

Garden Seating Area



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