New York Dream Apartment

September 14, 2011 § 4 Comments

I’ve never been to New York, but from what I hear it’s an amazing city. This particular apartment is located at Central Park South, with great views of the city and the park. New York apartments are notoriously small, unless you’re prepared to pay a substantial amount. This one is worth a cool $37,500,000. That’s thirty-seven MILLION. Not sure it’s worth that being only 4 bed, but it’s still nice to look at. It’s spread out over 3 floors and even has its own private lift to get you to each one. Here are a selection of photos I found showcasing its stylish layout and modern design. (Click on photos to enlarge).

This is the outside of the apartment block. It’s an amazing looking building in a great location.


This is the main living room. It’s a spacious and bright room with an interesting shape to the roof. I like the large windows and how they are part of the roof.

Living Room

Here’s the hallway. You can see the edge of the staircase on the right, which spans across the three floors. If you look towards the back of the room you can see a small living area, shown in more detail in the next photo.


Living Area

The kitchen is a very clean looking room, with plenty space to work. It’s a modern and light filled room. I love the dark wood flooring against the white.


The shape of the dining room is ideal for the long table and has been designed to cater for many, although judging by the space between the chairs and the walls I’m not sure you’d want that many people in this small space at once.

Dining Room

This is one of the four bedrooms. It’s huge and has an amazing view.


Here’s another of the bedrooms. Not so huge, but a very clean cut look about it. I like the sloping walls and the layout.


A walk-in wardrobe which is a feature in at least one of the bedrooms. I’d love one of these.

walk-in wardrobe

I love the bathrooms in this apartment. Here’s my favourite one, loved because of its ‘grandness’. Believe it or not it’s an en suite. The free standing bath is my favourite feature. I love the curved walls and the marble flooring.


Here’s another of the bathrooms. This apartment actually has 5 “and a half” bathrooms apparently, but I only found photos of a couple. I imagine they’re all just as grand though. I love the walls and flooring of this bathroom.



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