Beach Barn Cornwall

November 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

This cute beach themed barn is located in Crackington Haven, Cornwall. Its a three bedroom, two bathroom holiday home, perfect for a fun family trip away. This house has lots of nice touches to it, like the small staircases that feature and act as great ways of diving up the house. The house is white throughout with lots of cute beachy decor. (Click images to enlarge).


Area Overview

The main sitting area in this home is located next to the kitchen/dining area, but is separated by a staircase taking it up to a higher level. I like this space and love the sloping roof. I really like the large corner sofa they’ve chosen and the rug helps make the space cosy.

Living Room

Living Area Stairs

This is the kitchen area. It’s quite a small space but I like the design and love the large split barn door. I really like the original wooden beam across the door frame.


I love the dining area shown here. I love the shape of this room and especially like the white painted exposed roof beams. There’s also an extra sitting area here too, which looks a really nice place to relax.

Dining Area

Here’s another small staircase, taking you from the kitchen/dining area down to the bedrooms. I love the slate style flooring in this hallway that carries on into the bedroom on the left.


The three bedrooms in this property all have nice little features within them. I love the large window in this room, which brings in plenty of natural light.

Bedroom One

I love the shape of the ceiling in this bedroom. The flooring and chest of drawers are also favourite features of mine.

Bedroom Two

This is my favourite bedroom of them all. I love the roof beams and the cute little window. I really like the tiled flooring and the rug helps to make it a much warmer room.

Bedroom Three

I like both of the bathrooms in this property. I love the sloping roof and wooden flooring in this one.

Bathroom One

I like the large floor tiling in this bathroom, and love the wooden beam across the window.

Bathroom Two

This cute little dining area outside the house is great for looking at the spectacular view.

Outdoor Dining


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