Contemporary Waterside Home

November 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Located in the beautiful Geographe Bay, Western Australia, this charming little house is an ideal family home.  It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and its own little dock for a boat out the front. I love the exterior of this property. The selection of bright colours really draws me to the building and I love the large circular window. (Click images to enlarge).



The living room in this house is lovely and bright. The patio doors are great for bringing in natural light and for looking at the great views. I love the colourful art work on the wall and the unusual shaped white coffee table.

Living Room

The kitchen and dining room are conjoined with the living room in this house. I love how bright and spacious the area is. I really like the colour scheme used and love the island worktop. Also in this photo, you get a slight glimpse of the bbq area outside.

Kitchen / Dining Area

The bedrooms in this property aren’t the most exciting rooms. But I do love the circular window. Its a great feature in the room and also allows you to look out at the amazing sea views.


This bedroom is quite unusual because of the way its been laid out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a house with a room that has four single beds in. Personally, I’d have used the space differently, but I suppose it adds a bit of individuality to the property.


I could only find one photo of a bathroom in the house, and you don’t see much. But I imagine judging by what I can see, that it’s probably very nice.


Here’s a look at the bbq area located out the front of the house looking onto the water. I absolutely love this space. I would definitely like to have my own home right next to water, one day!

BBQ Area


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