The Desirable ‘Eco-Home’

April 16, 2017 § Leave a comment

Homes and sustainable living technology. Now more than ever, these two things are coming together. We have seen an increase in solar panels, on-site wind turbines, energy recovery systems (including geothermal piles) and even the solar-charged-home-power-supplying batteries on the market. The advances in property development this way have enticed me back to this blog to divulge these discoveries.

I have found a very desirable property, right here in my home country of Scotland. This beautiful home featured on the Homebuilding and Renovating site ( – photographs by Andrew Lee). The owners have picked a location with alluring views and installed many sustainable technologies. The house is located in the Cairn Valley, Dumfries and Galloway.


The sustainable elements of this build are plentiful. The first step was to ensure the house was well insulated, this being to avoid the need for abundant energy use in the first place. With that taken care of, all additional energy efficient resources aided in keeping this home off-grid. There has been the installation of a ground source heat pump build into the land, as well as solar panels on the garage roof and a wind turbine, which can be seen to the left in the image below.


The self-sufficiency of this home is probably my favourite element, but the interior is a close second. The stone walls are a beautiful feature that are evident both inside and out (these have been built using stones found in nearby fields). The fire – a biomass stove – evenly distributes heat through the wall behind it. And looks very nice while doing so! The benches that curve around the stove are perfect additional seating areas.

Living Room

The spacious balcony with its uninterrupted views are to be desired, but I’m sure the Scottish weather doesn’t allow it to be used to its full advantage all year round.


The rugs that features throughout the home are beautiful. And look at this dining table below!

Dining Table

There are so many details of this house I love and take inspiration from. The hardwood floors, floor to ceiling (triple glazed) windows, unique light fittings.



Now, if I could find out where they do their interiors shopping…


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